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Quality service, licensed & insured. Pride in my work, respect for every client

TV Mounting

Professional installation of your TV for optimal viewing, ensuring a secure and seamless setup.

Picture Hanging

Elevate your space with expertly hung pictures, creating a visually appealing and balanced environment.

Mirror Installation

Enhance the aesthetics of your home with precise mirror installations, reflecting style and sophistication.

Shelf Mounting

Maximize your storage and display options with sturdy and well-placed shelf installations, tailored to your needs.

Window Treatment Installation

Transform your windows with our installation services, whether it’s curtains, blinds, or other treatments, to add privacy and style to your space.



Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t employ an hourly rate. I give flat rates for my jobs. Initially I’ll give
a “rough estimate” over the phone or via text or email after receiving job
details, pictures and videos. If you agree with my “rough estimate” price
we will then move forward to establish more accurate pricing.

My minimum service fee is no less than $125 per service request outing.

Generally my rate for mounting 65″ or less TV’s is $100 and $120 for TV’s
more 65″ (plus supplies if needed). Those rates are subject to change
based on wall material (marble, brick, tile) and added services such as TV
cord concealment kit installation, soundbar install, etc…
* How many TV’s are you needing Mounted?
* Do you have the TV mount on-hand?
* Is your TV mount new or used?
* What’s the size of your TV/s?
* What’s the material of your walls?
* Will there be someone there to assist me with placing the TV on the TV
mount after I install the TV mount on the wall?

In “standard situations” I charge $70 for installing a ceiling fan and $20 for
removing an old fixture.
* Is there an existing electrical box in your ceiling for mounting a ceiling
* Are you wanting an old ceiling fan removed and a new ceiling fan
* Are you wanting a light fixture removed and a ceiling fan installed? If so,
do you know if your current light fixture electrical box is rated for a ceiling

How many curtain rods or/and blinds are you planning on having
* Do you have the curtain rods or/and blinds on-hand?
* What are the approximate heights of your windows?
* Are your blinds needing to be cut or resized to fit your windows in
* Do you have your blinds or curtain rods on-hand?
* When are you planning on having this work done?

I have a few questions about your faucets or/and sink before submitting a
“rough estimate”:
* Can you provide me with clear pictures of your vanity doors and pictures
from above & below your sink (exposing piping layout)?
* Do you have the faucets or/and sink on-hand?
* When are you planning on having this work done?

I have a few questions about your pictures or/and mirrors before
submitting a “rough estimate”:
* How many pictures are you needing mounted?
* What are the approximate sizes of your pictures?
* How much does your pictures weigh roughly?
* Is mounting hardware pre-attached to your pictures?
* Are you seeking any collages?
* What’s the approximate highest height you would like your pictures
* What’s the material of your walls? Drywall? Tile? Marble?
* Are you seeking to have your pictures mounted alongside a staircase?
* Are items such as furniture required to be moved prior to mounting your
* For insurance purposes and estimate purposes, what’s the approximate
value of your pictures or mirrors collectively?
* When are you planning on having this work done?

* My base rate for replacing a garbage disposal is no less than $100 plus
supplies if any are needed.
* Do you have the replacement garbage disposal on-hand?
* When are you planning on having this work done?

My base rate installing a wardrobe is no less than half the cost of the
wardrobe plus supplies.
* Will you need me to pick-up and deliver your new closet?
* Will I need to remove your old wardrobe? If so, will you need me to
dispose your old wardrobe?
* Will you need me to paint, patch and repair wall damage in your closet?
* Can you provide me with the layout for your new wardrobe if you have
* Do you have your materials on-hand?
* When are you planning on having this work done?

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